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    Thomas Crash

    by Karen Head

    📕 Sassing ~ READ MORE 📕

    • Publisher: Wordtech Communications
    • ISBN: 9781934999592 (1934999598)
    • Language: english
    • Author: Karen Head
    • Format: paperback, 104 pages
    • Release date: May 22, 2009

    About The Book

    The narratives of Karen Head’s Sassing are mournful but defiant tales, seeking a place of repose “somewhere between/the smoldering ruins of Atlanta/and a base near the Berlin Wall.” Head’s poems find that elusive place in their hard-edged music.

    “Karen Head’s Sassing creates a perfect balance of lyric and narrative impulses. Girls born of Southern mothers will shudder with recognition at the earlier generation’s insistence on maintaining appearances. Survivors of domestic violence will cheer the independent spirit that emerges here. Any reader who feels sustained by song and narrative will admire the composure, wit, and delicious detail in this autobiography not just of a poet, but also of a place and time.” — Marilyn Kallet

    “What a pleasure it is to have this new book from Karen Head, whose distinctive voice offers us a rich counterpoint to Southern male voices such as James Dickey and David Bottoms. These poems enter the experiences of women and compel us to feel the textures of their lives. This is work that is strong and true. It shares with us a ‘prayer for what cannot be destroyed.’” — Judson Mitcham

    “Sassing is a vibrant collection filled with vivid sound bites of Southern life. Karen Head writes with precision, poignancy and power, exploring an energetic mosaic of family history, memories of folks living on the knife-edge of eccentricity, the rage of the rebellious child and the inevitability of heartache that follows. Even if you’ve never been within a thousand miles of Georgia, you’ll recognize the characters that people her poetry, know the emotions she so eloquently describes.” —Agnes Meadow

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