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    Erin Haralson

    Ragnar Blackmane
    (Space Marine Legends)
    by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

    📕 Ragnar Blackmane • READ MORE 📕

    • Genres: 40k, fantasy, fiction
    • Release date: August 28, 2015
    • ISBN: 9781784961183 (1784961183)
    • Author: Aaron Dembski-Bowden
    • Language: english
    • Series: Space Marine Legends
    • First published: August 1, 2015
    • Publisher: Black Library
    • Format: hardcover, 176 pages

    About The Book

    Ragnar Blackmane is a legend of the Space Wolves, the youngest warrior ever to rise to command a Great Company. As he battles the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler on the war-ravaged world of Cadia, Ragnar remembers the events that brought him to this place and time, and relates two great sagas from his past, each bringing him into conflict with brother Space Marines from other Chapters, the secretive Dark Angels and savage Flesh Tearers. As these tales influence the events of the present, Ragnar comes to realise that his past actions have consequences…

    We’ve seen Ragnar Blackmane as a young Blood Claw before, but this is the first time we get to see him in action in all his Wolf Lord-ly glory! It’s a fascinating look at the Space Wolves‘ relations with other Chapters as well, with both their old rivals, the Dark Angels, and the equally savage and bad-tempered Flesh Tearers turning up.

    Beautifully presented with bespoke artwork on an embossed, soft-touch matte finish hardcover and luxurious gilt edging, this 176-page tome is sure to take pride of place on your bookshelf. The magnetically-closed box features impressive artwork of Ragnar himself, in a glossy finish, with individual numbering from a limited edition of 1,500.

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Aktuálně jsou na stránce zobrazeny 3 příspěvky - 1. až 3. (celkem z 3)
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